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Receive weekly inspiration as Brandi shares real-world testimonies of God's amazing power, teaches you how to cultivate His presence, and empowers you to develop your spiritual gifts!

Mentoring in the Miraculous Online Class

If you know Jesus – you can work miracles for His glory! The world is hungry for someone to help make God’s miraculous power manifest in their lives.

Join Brandi Belt for a 4-week online class to cultivate the anointing for miracles.

  • You will learn how to move from hope for a miracle, to belief it could happen to having a substance of faith.
  • You will learn the keys to seeing manifestation of the miracles you need – perspective, expectation, agreement and action.
  • You will learn how to dream with God for the impossible, even when circumstances you face seem insurmountable.
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Meet Brandi Belt

Brandi Belt carries the miraculous power of God’s presence with a passion to see her generation reached with the reality of the Gospel. She clearly communicates Biblical truth with the demonstration of the Kingdom of God through signs, wonders, and miracles. Brandi and her husband, John, reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.