Welcoming the Holy Spirit | Video

We need to actively welcome the Holy Spirit in our lives as believers in Jesus Christ. ?Jesus lived as a man completely dependent on the Holy Spirit as the Son of God. ?We too are sons of God living that same live of dependency upon the Presence and power of the Spirit. Podcast for “Welcoming … Read more

Living as Habitations, Welcoming Visitations

Probably the biggest and most prominent message that I have to share is how we need to live as habitations of God’s Spirit and Presence. Holy Spirit life is foundational to be fruitful and flourishing, abiding in God’s Presence. ?This is Christ in us the hope of glory.?(Col. 1:17) John 14:16-18 “And I will pray … Read more

“Worthy One” by John Belt

“Worthy One” is a song by John Belt. ?This worship song is about Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, Who alone is worthy to open the scroll and break it’s seals. (Revelation 5:9) It was a winter day, on which John was snowed in, when he recorded this video. [view soaking music: https://reviveworldwide.com/store/]

A Heart He Calls Home

Psalm 26:8 “LORD, I have loved the habitation of Your house, And the place where Your glory dwells.” Dwelling Place of God We are so blessed to be the chosen people created before the foundation of the world to be the habitations of God.? We are the privileged people designed to be vessels of His … Read more

Instrumental Worship Songs

Instrumental worship songs are a nice way to hang out in God’s Presence. ? David played instrumental worship on the harp soothing the soul of King Saul from distressing spirits. ?Because David’s heart was abiding in the Presence of the Lord he had an anointing of God’s Presence on his life that could change atmospheres … Read more